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Relatable Leader

This podcast is produced to support the success of supervisors and managers. This content is also useful for people who strive to promote to a leadership position, because the time to start behaving like a leader is BEFORE you fill a leadership position. Listen to determine your path from job, to career, to passion - and evolve your leadership skill set by applying the knowledge and tools provided here. 

This is your behind the scenes access to coaching that supports your leadership. Thousands of participants have already benefited from Catherine Goggia's unique delivery of practical information and humorous style. This is not fancy trainer talk: this is down-to-earth outreach based on real-life work place experiences. 

Catherine has facilitated more than 5,000 presentations. She holds two international training certifications: one from Development Dimensions International and the other from Achieve Global. She earned a Job Performance Coach certification from the Fowler Wainwright Institute. 

Catherine taught college level Business Communication and Employee Readiness courses for 15 years. She has been a professional trainer for more than 25 years. Employees and students tell us her courses changed their lives for the better, and her evaluations consistently rate her as an engaged and motivational speaker. 

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From Average Student to Academic Rock Star!

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Aug 31, 2017

Verbal and written communication excellence are your keys for strengthening both personal and professional relationships. If you want your team to feel connected with you, and if you want other departments to feel connected to your team, effective communication is required.

These guidelines are based on Business...

Aug 24, 2017

Working with diverse employee groups can be rewarding at best and highly conflicted at worst. Employee self esteem is a central aspect of how people respond to daily circumstances in the workplace. When I saw the 5 Self Esteem Counterfeits in David's book, I decided to share it with you because his content matches...

Aug 17, 2017

When you invest in training for employees, one of the most important aspects of the training is the follow-up of managers. That’s why it’s important for managers to attend training with their employees. Listen to this episode to hear a fantastic example of leadership after the training I facilitated titled,...

Aug 10, 2017

Request my free downloadable and printable PDF on 4 Key Task Management Techniques by going to my website, and sending me an email request. 

As summer draws to a close, I am gearing up for a very busy schedule over the next ten months. As I reviewed my immediate task list, I'll be honest, it felt a...

Aug 3, 2017

We just wrapped up the mid-year 15 day Attitude Challenge and I hope it helped you either stay focused on your goals or get focused on your goals. Listening to the podcast is great for audio learners, but it is getting the book and completing every action assignment that can literally create a shift in your life.